What to consider when planning a Texas sized event?

Hear from a future ESR bride as she explains why she chose Enchanted Springs Ranch for her special day!

Let me preface this by saying that I love Texas. I think it’s a requirement that if you live in Texas, you must love Texas with every bone in your body. When I think about why I love Texas so much, I think about the rich history, the beautiful hill country scenery and the people in this great state. When considering an event venue, there are several factors I look at. Will my guest enjoy the venue? Is there unique scenery at the venue? Are the employees professional, knowledgeable and kind? I realized these questions seem to have overlapping answers. Why did I choose Enchanted Springs Ranch for my event? I chose this beautiful ranch because it embodies all the amazing qualities of an excellent venue!

The first qualification for me was unique and memorable scenery. The 86-acre ranch is absolutely beautiful. My wedding ceremony will take place in front of a breathtaking serene lake with a flowing waterfall underneath beautiful oak trees. Not only will my guests have a spectacular lakefront view, but the ranch is also surrounded with rolling acreage and nestled into the Texas hill country. Seriously, the total package! I have dreamt of an outdoor wedding for as long as I can remember. The peaceful outdoor setting is the perfect backdrop for my love story. Not to mention, I also get to ride in on a 1958 blue Chevy truck to the ceremony!

When considering the rich history of Texas, this venue definitely captures Texas culture. This was important to me. I wanted my venue to showcase the ideal Texas truism. I have a lot of out-of-town family and friends coming for the wedding. For a lot of these guests, this will be the first time they visit Texas. I wanted to make sure they got the true Texas experience that they will remember forever. My wedding reception will take place in the Old Western town. This town is incredible! You truly feel like you’ve stepped back in time when you enter the front gates. The town features a million photo ops, old-timey buildings and two large saloons. My reception will be held in the Silver Spur saloon, a rustic yet elegant event space that can seat up to 350 guests. Equipped with a bar, restrooms, a stage and dance floor, this saloon is exactly the rustic chic I am going for.

Last but definitely not least, my final consideration was about the people I’d be working with while planning my event. Every Enchanted Springs Ranch employee is nothing short of amazing. They are the epitome of true southern hospitality. They want this day to be just as special as I do. They helped me vision my fairytale day. The ranch offers so many country western activities that are sure to add flare to any event. Their expertise will help you decide on food, entertainment and make sure your guests enjoy their time. They offer a rehearsal dinner package as well. This was a huge plus for me! I’m excited that my wedding party and family will get to experience the ranch the night before the rest of the guests. At the rehearsal dinner, they are going to meet Woodrow the Texas longhorn and view other exotic animals, line dance and enjoy a catered BBQ dinner. Thank you Enchanted Springs Ranch for helping me plan a picture perfect day!