The relationships between employees is essential to the success of a business. Take the time to nurture those workplace dynamics and see the benefits of a positive work atmosphere.

If your business is past ice breakers, then a corporate retreat is the next stage of team development. Planning a team building retreat shows your employees that you are invested in them and their work environment. Planning exercises and activities with a focus on strengthening your team is a forward thinking investment in your business.

Build a stable foundation in your office relationships and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Give your employees an opportunity to get out of the office and work with their colleagues in unique ways. The stage of development doesn’t matter when your overall goal is progressing relationships. So whether your employees are just meeting or deepening pre-existing ties, progress them further with team building activities.

Team building retreats and meetings look different for every business. Some may prefer fun, physical activities while others want to take the time to brainstorm business models and plans. Once you determine your goals it is easy to decide on activities and entertainment that work towards your overall objectives. With the support of their team members, your employees will challenge themselves and explore out of their comfort zone.

Changing up the location can drastically affect the tone of your team building. Consider trading in the typical day-to-day business casual attire for something fun and laid back. Coordinating the outfits is a creative way to encourage employee involvement in the planning of the company retreat. From designing shirts to matching outfits, generate employee excitement before the team building event even begins.

Throw on fun western gear like boots and cowboy hats when heading to unique venues like Enchanted Springs Ranch. Business professionals love the break from the norm and look forward to heading out to the private ranch. Enchanted Springs Ranch provides a truly unique backdrop for corporate treats and team building.

Cowboy Golf Team Building Activity at Enchanted Springs RanchTeam building at Enchanted Springs Ranch is a great way to work together in an outdoor setting.
Guests snapping photos in the Old West Jail

ESR is also an 86 acre ranch with dozens of animals and an Old West town. The San Antonio venue features 6 acres of indoor and outdoor event space. The Old West town features dozens of Old West style storefronts. Reignite and re-energize your team members with fun team bonding in a one-of-a-kind location.

The ranch features two climate controlled indoor facilities that can be supplemented with air conditioner fans and tower heaters. With multiple air conditioned indoor spaces, ESR provides comfortable meeting spaces perfect for corporate team building. These indoor facilities are the perfect places for group exercises to work on effective teamwork. These are also great locations for lunches and dinners while enjoying motivational speakers or lectures.

Depending on your itinerary, catering lunch or dinner is also an easy way to encourage conversation and congregation. If you are looking for something casual then consider boxed lunches featuring sandwiches or sides. Buffets are also cost effective and can provide your team with amazing BBQ or TexMex meals. Feed your team delicious food and spend quality time together, all working towards your goal of a successful corporate retreat.

Enchanted Springs Ranch is more than just an executive event center. Our experienced event planners and coordinators are there every step of the way of the planning process to assist you.

Enchanted Springs Ranch can provide a full team-building schedule for you and your team. Depending on your schedule, ESR will make sure to include time for activities, challenges and private meeting time. We have a variety of team building ideas depending on your goals for your business retreat.

Do you want a unique outdoor meeting space to have frank discussions about roles and responsibilities?

Some exercises focus on individual development that work towards the collective improvement of the team. Critical thinking workshops assist teams in developing problem solving and communication skills. Utilize the forming-storming-norming-and performing model of group development to help teams develop growth and progress. A successful company retreat is designed to have employees work towards the common goal of group development.

Are you looking for a fun way to encourage team development?

Fun scavenger hunts or silly relay races encourage laughter and friendly competition. Set a fun mood for the day and have your team enjoy a lighthearted retreat between colleagues. Casual activities grounded in a common theme allows team members to build strong relationships during a fun corporate retreat.

Team building event at Enchanted Springs RanchPony Express Relay Team Building Activity at Enchanted Springs Ranch
Guests receiving awards for six gun fast draw at Corporate Event

Individuals feel inspired and rejuvenated after a high quality team building experience. Consider strategically increasing motivation around your work schedule. If your business has an important event coming then schedule a day dedicated to team bonding prior.

No matter the reason or the season, ensure that your team is prepared and motivated. Give our team a call to hear about the fun team building activities we offer. If you’re looking for inspiration and fun company retreat ideas, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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