Hear from a corporate event attendee about her time spent at the Ranch!

We love hearing from those who have visited Enchanted Springs Ranch for a special event. Read along as one guests details her time spent at the ranch for a corporate event!

Guest feedback is so important to all of us at Enchanted Springs Ranch. In the event industry, it is always about making sure every guest has an unforgettable experience. We strive to provide the best possible service to everyone who walks through our front gates for an event. We encourage your feedback because we understand the importance of your reviews. Word of mouth is truly the best marketing tool! Thank you to the corporate event attendee who provided these kind words about her visit to the Ranch! Check out #EnchantedSpringsRanch hashtag to see even more about our guests experiences!

“I recently attended a corporate event at Enchanted Springs Ranch. I want you to know it was a special day and would be a spectacular venue for any event with its realistic western feel, genuine hospitality, and time of downright fun!

First, what struck me was the warm welcome we all received from the Enchanted Springs owners, family and employees as we arrived for our special event. It was neat to see the free-roaming Longhorns, which I later found out were named Woodrow and Tex. The pond at the entrance seemed filled with an array of fish, including some monster bass, and that made me wish that I had my fishing pole in tow and could try my luck–catch and release, of course.

The whole ambience of a western Texas town intrigued me and had me feeling like I’d stepped back in time–half expecting gun slingers on horseback to appear on the town’s streets. The western theme was portrayed excellently throughout the whole night!

We got to tour a lot of buildings in the town. We stopped in the sheriff’s jail to join the other convicts, become real cowboys/cowgirls for a photo op in adorable wooden playground cutouts. Then we sipped local craft beer in one of the two “watering holes”, The Silver Spur, while being coaxed into trying line dancing—no, I for one won’t quit my day job. After making our way through the Western town, including the cemetery and chapel, blacksmith shop and others….we were invited into a tractor pulled wagon to have an up close and personal experience with and photos of more Longhorn cattle, Buffalo, and so many more exotic animals. The sun was setting over the beautiful hills and animals as I enjoyed the wagon ride with my colleagues.

What a perfect Boerne/Hill Country experience and I, personally, look forward to an opportunity to bring my friends and family there soon for a special occasion—-maybe next year’s monumental wedding anniversary. Thanks to ESR owners, Terry and Sylvia Adams, for the Texas hospitality and friendliness and to all the staff who truly made me feel like part of the ESR family. Enchanted Springs Ranch is unique experience and when booking an event I encourage you to keep it on the forefront of your mind—sure to be an experience second to none!”