Celebrating One Year of New Ownership!

If you didn’t know, Enchanted Springs Ranch recently changed ownership about a year ago. The new owners love their new life at Enchanted Springs! Read all about how they are adjusting to life in the event-planning world!

The new sheriffs are in town! New owners Terry and Sylvia Adams are proud to continue the tradition of Enchanted Springs Ranch as a premier True Texas Event venue in San Antonio. The ranch began as a Hollywood movie set and has grown to entertain a variety of unique Texas events. The charm of the Old West town will help your guests embrace our Texas heritage while enjoying customized activities and entertainment. Come join us for some Texas hospitality!

Meet Terry and Sylvia Adams! Born and raised in San Antonio, they have made the Texas Hill Country their home for the past 29 years. They fell in love with the property and took over ownership about a year ago. They have learned so much this past year about the event-planning world and made so many great memories along the way. They are excited to see what the future of ESR holds! Sylvia is a retired doctor and Terry runs a masonry company in Boerne. So you might be asking yourself, how did they get into the event industry? Read along to learn more about the Adams and why they fell in love with the beautiful 86-acre ranch!

Q: How did you two meet?

A: “In my sophomore high school English class a friend pointed out the beautiful Sylvia Proctor as she walked into class. Later that year we started walking from Spanish class to English class together. I was too shy to ask her out but she had a friend ask me to the band swim party the summer between 10th and 11th grade. All I remember about that swim party was a little white lace bikini. I was done.”

Terry and Sylvia at a UT game! Hook ’em!

Q: What do you love about living in the Texas Hill Country?

A: “We grew up in the area and lived here most of lives except college years. We moved to Boerne in 1989 after Sylvia finished her residency. We picked Boerne because we already had the first of our four boys and wanted to raise them in a county with a good school system. We fell in love with the wonderful people who live here.”

One of the littlest Adams enjoying the ranch

Q: Why did you decide to get into the event industry?

A: “We fell in love with the beauty of Enchanted Springs ranch and were convinced by the previous owners, Steve and Vicki Schmidt, that we could do it. We’re still learning and will continue to learn with the help of the retained staff, previous owners and many others. Wish us luck!”

Sylvia with family members in front of the newly painted Adams Hotel in the Old West Town

Q: What has been your favorite memory at the ranch thus far?

A: “That’s hard. So many wonderful memories. I remember the wedding renewal vow ceremony, the numerous school band and choir and field trips, Halloween and Christmas parties, the three Capital One commercials and music videos we’ve hosted. Also, the many military groups brought here from around the world and country. The language learning groups from Lackland with military leaders from around the world and the one night we hosted 75 new one-star generals. We love that we get to be a part of the joy of celebrations and events.”

Sylvia bartending at a private event

Q: What is each of your favorite ranch activities?

A: “Terry enjoys the tractor ride, feeding the animals and watching the baby longhorns grow. I also enjoy our trained longhorn Woodrow interacting with the kids and adults. Sylvia enjoys and watching the line dancing, the trick ropers and six gun fast draw.”

Sheriff Terry with a guest at a private event

Terry and Sylvia are both so excited to see what the future holds for Enchanted Springs Ranch. Terry is thrilled that we are able to upgrade the facilities and improve the various venues. In addition, he’s excited for the new direction our marketing is taking! Sylvia is excited about the Christmas community events we have planned. She’s also excited to see the continued growth of corporate and private events and weddings. They are especially excited that their son, Jacob, will marry his fiancé, Lindsey, here at the ranch next May!

Hold on tight buckaroo, we’re in for a fun ride!

-Terry and Sylvia Adams