Current Corporate Meeting & Event Trends

Howdy partner! Let’s talk about the corporate event trends for 2019 and 2020. It truly is becoming all about the experience you can offer your guests. Meeting and event planners are targeting more sophisticated ways of delivering the information during corporate meetings.

Location, Location, Location

It’s all about keeping your corporate events interesting and interactive! Who doesn’t love getting out of the office and changing things up? It’s important to provide event attendees with a change of atmosphere that’s different from what they are used to. When planning your meeting, opt for an exciting experience instead of a structured lecture. The top event trend is definitely about delivering a beneficial meeting experience in a unique and authentic location. Enchanted Springs Ranch is an 86-acre working ranch designed to deliver a true Texas experience! You can pack in meetings, team building, and leisure into a day spent at the ranch!

Transformational Experiences

Instead of focusing solely on delivering the material during your corporate meetings. Be intentional about the attendee’s time. Focus on providing an experience that is going to inspire and change the lives of the individuals. They are more likely to retain and implement the information if it is delivered in a unique way. We are in the business of event planning and event organizing. We must also remember that we are changing lives through powerful and impactful meeting experiences. You want to make sure your guests leave feeling inspired, empowered and ready for more!

Mindful Design

The corporate meeting and design trends are ever changing. Meeting itineraries are not only focusing on session content and activities but also on the event design, flow and feel. Meeting planners are designing comfortable spaces for attendees to learn and interact in. Instead of a cold, theatre style ballroom setup, they are leaning towards intimate meeting space with comfortable seating and décor. There is a greater emphasis on breaks and activities intertwined with meeting time to allow for mental breaks and social engagement. It’s important to carry your meeting theme throughout the event. Enchanted Springs Ranch works with you to design a fun and interactive experience while still focussing on a mindful event design.

Technology Matters

Your event attendees want to experience meetings in real time. Social media is playing a large role in the meeting and event industry. People want a unique experience that they can talk about for years to come. It is so important to ensure that your event attendees are talking about their event experience post event. A great way to make sure this happens is by implementing an event hashtag. Encourage everyone to share photos and testimonials from their time spent at the corporate event. With all the new event apps and software, it is very important to have a strong internet connection at your event. The increasing popularity in unique experiences has made it hard to ensure the use of technology. Enchanted Springs Ranch is pleased to provide strong WiFi connections in all meeting spaces while still providing an authentic ranch experience.

Incorporating Team Building Activities

After a full day of corporate meetings, it’s important to keep the attendees engaged and entertained. Here at the ranch, we love to end a meeting day with some leisure activities. Incorporating leisure and team building time into your itinerary will make a world of difference. Guests will be excited for the next corporate event and feel closer as a team after working together. Wondering what can of corporate event activities you can add on to your event? Check out our ranch event activity blog for more ideas on how you can elevate your corporate event experience!

Corporate Events at Enchanted Springs Ranch

Guests enjoying a corporate happy hour event at the ranch!