Renovations, updates and additions, galore!

They say change is good. We all know Enchanted Springs Ranch is good. And change on Enchanted Springs Ranch is even better! Read all about how Enchanted Springs Ranch is updating and renovating the Ranch this Summer!

In the past couple of months, some wonderful updates and renovations have taken place on the ranch. Enchanted Springs staff is so excited for everyone to see the updates that are taking place! It is very important for the ranch to be in tip-top shape at all times. Enchanted Springs Ranch is a landmark of Texas, which has been highly regarded by Oprah, the History Channel and many other media outlets. We want to make sure every guest who visits for an event experiences the best of the best.

The first change occurred in the Silver Spur Saloon. This saloon used to be able to seat 275 people. With the renovations, this saloon can now seat a whopping 350 people! There is a beautiful oak tree that sits in the inside the Silver Spur. The renovations allowed for the tree to still rest in the saloon but it is now enclosed with beautiful wood flooring. This gave the saloon an even more open feel and an area to provide more seating. It was important to keep the nature and rustic feel while still allowing for an enclosed space.

The addition features brand new wood flooring stretching around the beautiful oak tree. The new ceiling allows for beautiful natural lighting. This amazing renovation increased our space for seating by nearly one hundred seats!

The next change occurred in the front of the property near the outdoor wedding venue space. A wonderful local company came out to trim and raise the canopies of all the trees around the lake. It looks spectacular! As you pull down the front drive, you can see the full view of the lake and waterfall. We made sure the waterfall was free of weeds and mosses so that nothing obstructs this spectacle. Check out the before and after photos below. This area is truly magical!

Old view of the waterfall before trimming
The entrance of the town is a beautiful caliche paved driveway. There is brand new caliche all throughout the town. The radiant burnt orange color of the driveway is a wonderful accent to the town! We have added fresh paint to many of the buildings, including the Texas longhorn sculpture at the entrance. This is always a fan favorite photo op! It’s amazing what a little paint can do.

It is a must to stop at the longhorn for a photo upon entering the ranch! Check out his fresh look!

Speaking of longhorns, we have added some new furry friends in the back forty. We have grown our longhorn family from eight to now fourteen. Spoiler alert, we also have three baby longhorns on the way! They are adapting quite well to the ESR family and love when the wagon ride passes by with visitors. Several deer on the ranch have given birth to their babies already this season. We can’t forget about the buffalo, llamas, alpacas, exotic deer, huge catfish and wild turkey that roam the lush acreage! With all these animals on the ranch, you’re guaranteed to get some great photos!

Enchanted Springs Ranch hosts a number of private and corporate events. The ranch is also a popular wedding venue in the Texas hill country. We are in the process of updating some of the décor that is used during weddings. We are renovating one of the buildings in the town to feature a bridal showroom. This room will showcase all of the various setups and items that make the weddings here so special!

This summer, one of the ESR projects is to renovate the bridal and groom suites. These freestanding buildings are perfect for wedding prep for the bridal party and the groomsmen. We are very excited to update these spaces! Look out for a separate blog detailing the before and after of these buildings.

As you can see, there is a lot of happening at Enchanted Springs Ranch. We are excited about this season of change and hope to continue perfecting the ranch to provide a true Texas experience to all of our guests.