The 10 Most Instagrammable Spots at Enchanted Springs Ranch Event Venue

Located 20 minutes North of San Antonio in the heart of the Texas Hill Country lies this hidden gem. Enchanted Springs Ranch is a beautiful venue with over six acres of event space ideal for true Texas events.

Social media plays a vital role in the event planning industry especially for corporate events. It’s important to have instagram photo spots for your guests to capture memories from the event. Staying socially connected and posting live status updates at your event will definitely have people paying attention to the event.

1. The Entire Old West Town

Why hold your corporate function in a ballroom meeting space when you can have an entire old western town to yourselves? Event planners love Enchanted Springs Ranch for business events, special events, holiday parties and team building events! The ranch venue has over 11,000 square feet of indoor versatile event and meeting space.

The best part is that the venue is nestled inside of an authentic Old West town. The ranch is home to over 40 western storefronts including a jail, bank, general store, saloon, chapel and more! Your guests will truly feel like they’ve been transported back in time when they step onto this Texas-sized ranch! Experience is everything when it comes to event planning and the ranch delivers a true Texas experience like no other.

Front Entrance of Enchanted Springs Ranch True Texas Event Venue

2. The Old West Jail Cells

The perfect opportunity to throw your pesky coworker in a jail cell, or maybe even your boss! The jail makes for amazing photo opportunities. Kick it up a notch and add a digital photo booth inside the jail to capture professional images of your guests.

Jail photos at Enchanted Springs Ranch

3. Selfie with a Longhorn

Woodrow is one of our many Texas longhorns here at Enchanted Springs Ranch! Everyone wants to see a longhorn when they come to visit Texas! Woodrow is trained to get up close and personal with your guests for a photo opportunity, or maybe even a longhorn selfie!

It is the great addition to any private event at the ranch. Hop on a tractor wagon ride for even more selfie opportunities with buffalo, llamas, antelope and more exotic deer!

Take a photo with a real longhorn! Get up close and personal with Woodrow the Texas Longhorn.

4. The Rideable Longhorn

You can even hop on a longhorn statue for a photo! The back drop of the photo may include a visit from some of our other friendly longhorns. The longhorns are always on the lookout for a tasty treat.

Did you know longhorns do not have top teeth? You won’t have to worry about your guest getting up close with the longhorns; however, there will be slobber!

Longhorn photo op at Enchanted Springs Ranch

5. The Life-size Boot

One of the newest additions to Enchanted Springs Ranch is a cowboy boot. It’s not just any cowboy boot, but a giant boot that you can actually hope inside of for a photo. Think Northstar Mall boots but in your own private event space.

Lifesize boot for photos at Enchanted Springs Ranch

6. The Life-size Postcard

Postcards used to be a fabulous way to show your friends and family your vacation adventures. Well, we loved the idea of having a life-size postcard for photos! Send your loved ones greetings from Enchanted Springs Ranch. Nothing says Texas like a giant Texas flag!

Lifesize Postcard Photo Op at Enchanted Springs Ranch

7. Cemetery

The space is complete with everything an authentic old west town had in the 1800’s including a faux cemetery. Guests can enjoy reading the clever sayings on the western headstones. Who knows, you may even spot Annie Oakley’s resting spot.

Take a photo in the coffin at Enchanted Springs Ranch

8. Wild West Sign

WANTED…. for having too much fun at Enchanted Springs Ranch! What a great way to commemorate your time at an old time Texas ranch with a wanted poster. The old west storefronts in the back will make your followers think you’ve traveled back to the 1800’s.

Wanted for having too much fun at Enchanted Springs Ranch Private Event Venue

9. Texas Murals

San Antonio is full or rich Texas history. The Alamo and the riverwalk are great places to soak up the culture and heritage. Enchanted Springs Ranch brings some of that iconic Texas history to the walls of the venue spaces.

The Six Gun Saloon venue is filled with beautiful Texas art and an elaborate Alamo mural on the stage. These make for fabulous photo booth back drops and instagram backdrops.

10. Rustic Water Silo

The ranch is a beautiful rustic space with rolling acreage and mature oak trees. At the entrance of Enchanted Springs Ranch sits a 20 foot silo. This old feed silo was repurposed as a decorative piece for the ranch.

It sits on top of an intricate rock wall and includes a water feature underneath. Since it is multilevel, it is the perfect location for a group photo from your event. One of our friendly event coordinators is happy to snap a photo of your group!

Group photos in front of ESR Water Silo

As you can see, the ranch is filled with numerous locations to snap your perfect photo. There are also many corporate branding opportunities because of the vast space. These photos will allow your guests feel good while capturing their memories throughout the event.

Enchanted Springs Ranch Corporate Event Venue