Photoshoots and Filming at Enchanted Springs Ranch

Capture Life’s Moments – Unique Texas Photo Shoot Spot

Texas photo ops are some of the hottest trends on Instagram. From beautifully painted alley backdrops to one-of-a-kind state parks with jaw-dropping views, Texas is home to some of the coolest social media photo spots.

If you’re looking for your own Instagram spot or for some creative photography ideas, we’ve got you covered. We’ve scoured the internet for some of the best insights into capturing life’s special moments.

Enchanted Springs Ranch began as a Hollywood movie set years ago. Just 25 minutes north of downtown San Antonio, ESR is home to the beautiful natural Texas Hill Country landscape and a fun, unique small town with Old Western-style storefronts. ESR has been home to a number of commercial and film shoots.

If you’ve been watching ABC’s Bachelor Greatest of All Time – you may have spotted the ranch during Kaitlyn Bristowe’s episode. ESR was also the chosen location for the Hilarious Capital One commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Spike Lee, and Charles Barkley. As the chosen filming location for numerous feature films, ESR has accommodated the largest of film sets and crews.

But ESR is also an amazing photography location to capture life’s special memories. When it comes to professional photography, the lighting and location can make all the difference. When trying to capture your once in a lifetime moments, consider a one-of-a-kind location.

When you’re trying to decide on the milestones you want to capture, be sure you don’t forget these important moments in life!

Senior Pictures

On to bigger and better things. If you’re wrapping up high school, commemorate the milestone with graduation pictures. Senior portraits should capture your personality, style, and interests. Featuring your interests by posing with instruments, sports items, or other academic memorabilia is a great way to showcase your hobbies and pursuits. From simply wearing your letterman to incorporating props like balloons, senior portraits can be as easy or as extravagant as you want.

Engagement Pictures

If you’ve found your other half, then it is time to get the word out. Engagement photos might be just for you or could be featured on wedding invitations or save the dates. If you’re beginning your wedding planning, be sure to see if potential wedding photographers include engagement shoots in their package!

If you’d like a classic, rustic feel to your photos, consider having a rustic natural backdrop. The Texas Hill Country gives bridal sessions or engagement sessions natural landscapes that don’t overwhelm, but rather complement the subjects of the photos. Enchanted Springs Ranch is home to several beautiful waterfront spots.

Take advantage of the timeless trend of natural light photography and shoot at golden hours to achieve soft lighting for softer complexions and tones.

If you’re worried about your wedding day post-ceremony shoot taking too long, brides often opt to slip back into their wedding dress for some beautiful bridal portraits (after the groom has seen the dress of course!) Ensure that your wedding photography is consistent throughout by choosing themes, colors, or lighting that you prefer.

Anniversary Photos

Don’t forget to celebrate after tying the knot! There are tons of traditions that come with celebrating each milestone, including this traditional giving of gifts by year. Capture the memories over the years with cute props marking each anniversary. These couples had some amazing shots that had tons of inspiration behind the scenes.

Gender Reveal

Gender reveals are fun ways to get the family involved during this exciting time in your life. From interactive ways to have the guests guess to fun decorations, there are tons of unique photo ideas that provide fun reveals based on your style.

We are loving all of these ideas for gender reveals. Our favorites definitely include the messier options: depending on if it is a boy or girl, pink or blue, we love the idea of popping a balloon filled with powder or confetti.

Maternity Shoot

Capture the beautiful timeline of your baby’s growth during your pregnancy. From documenting the size of the baby bump to these unique maternity photo shoot ideas, capture the beautiful memories in a way that reflects your family and personality. We think these tips and tricks are a great starting place when thinking about your maternity shoot.

For fun western style photos, have fun with a unique take on the western theme. With brightly colored storefronts and limited light pollution, take beautiful photos and videos in a one-of-a-kind backdrop.

Quick Tip: If you decide to document your baby bump at a rented location, be sure that multiple maternity sessions for your maternity portraits are possible.

Baby Announcement

And when your bundle of joy arrives, be sure to take beautiful photos for the birth announcements. If you’re a planner, maybe consider a theme or color scheme that seamlessly fits with previous maternity shoots.

Filters can easily be applied after the shoot but incorporating props like chalkboard signs or a similarly colored wardrobe requires just a bit of pre-planning.

Family Photos

Whether they are for Holiday cards or to hang around the house, family photos are great ways to capture your family’s unique dynamics. Whether you go for classic black and white photos or quirky costumes, there are no rules when it comes to family group pictures. Browse around for some outfit inspiration and style tips that will fit the theme of your family’s portraits.

If you have younger children, consider if you have a budget for a professional photographer. Family photographers are experts at working with younger photo subjects and can stage beautiful photos quickly. Working on the fly is sometimes a must depending on the age of your kids, you want to make the most of your time!

Whatever the reason for your photoshoot, be sure the photos reflect your personality and style. From your wardrobe to props, make the shoot a fun experience, and the end results truly reflective of who you are and the milestones you’re enjoying in life.

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